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  • Location: Edinburgh, Fife, Cowdenbeath, Cardenden

Dead Souls (Rebus 10)

Dead Souls (Rebus 10)

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2000s: Edinburgh zoo is the setting for hunted animals of the human kind

  • ISBN: 978-0752883625
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Edinburgh zoo is Rebus’ latest place under investigation. He’s there to stalk a poisoner but ends up investigating a peadophile who is there and who is appearing to take pictures of children. He is assured by social workers that this is all above board but Rebus is not so sure and his morals are tested between reporting what he has seen or allowing a former peadophile to make a new start.

As if this weren’t enough, Rebus gets a call from the past and is put on the case of a friend’s missing son. The past is starting to creep up slowly on Rebus and the ghosts of the city are waking up…

Travel Guide

Dead Souls takes place in both Edinburgh and Fife and the Fife section of the book where Rebus goes back to his home turf. Rankin writes in his author’s foreword that this is a personal novel for him in that Rebus goes back to Fife and to his childhood and he modelled this on his own memories and experiences. Even the silk scarf that his dad brought back from WW2 was both a fact of life for Rankin and Rebus.

The overall setting for the book however rests on the real story of a headless coachman which is also the name of a pub in the novel. Major Weir was a man from Edinburgh’s dark side and along with his sister was accused of being involved in witchcraft back in 1678. This was the original ‘witch hunt’ which is recreated in the book as one against a suspected paedophile.

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Edinburgh: The Zoo - Rebus is sent here
Edinburgh: The "Wizard of West Bow" lived here

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