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  • Location: Yorkshire (fictional Eastvale), Leeds, Colchester

Children of the Revolution (DCI Banks 21)

Children of the Revolution (DCI Banks 21)

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2000s: A former colleague lecturer is found dead and the corridors are awash with rumours and much worse..

  • ISBN: 978-1444704938
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Ex-college lecturer Gavin Miller is found dead; his distorted body strewn across a disused railway track near his home. There’s no sign of a struggle, and no concrete evidence except for one distinguishing package: £5,000 of cash, tucked inside the man’s pocket.

But when DCI Banks delves into Miller’s past, he uncovers a troubled existence tarnished by accusations of abuse and misconduct which throws up an array of puzzling questions.

What really occurred at the college where the victim used to teach?

How was he embroiled in political activism at Essex University, over forty years ago?

And what links him to an upstanding pillar of the community, who also harbours a dark secret from her past?

One thing is clear: someone will stop at nothing – even murder – to prevent Banks from discovering the truth .

Travel Guide

Yorkshire Dales National Park

Coverton might be fictional where the crime scene  is found but the Yorkshire Dales is stunning although not so much in this book.Well, it is Peter Robinson showing you around the area.

The railway ran dead straight along a narrow, shallow, U-shaped valley cut into the landscape. The embankments were steep and grassy on both side, and while there were plenty of weeds growing in the unkempt grass…

The only human dwelling Banks say on his journey stood to his right, just before he got to the bridge: a small, square cottage at the top of the embankment”

DCI Skinner’s Guide to Yorkshire

Eastvale is modelled on North Yorkshire towns such as Ripon and Richmond. These have cobbled market squares, whilst others such as Thirsk have high streets. so Eastvale is rather like the first two. It’s considerably bigger than them both however as the rate at which DCI Banks finds dead bodies, there would be no one left in the town. Eastvale on a map is north of Ripon as DCI Banks often drives to and from Leeds

However, Eastvale does grow like anywhere else and many new areas are introduced as the novels progress

The surrounding countryside and villages are an amalgam of several dales, particularly Wensleydale and Swaledale. The author based Helmthorpe and Gratly on Hawes and Gayle and Lyndgarth on Reeth. Names and indeed locations have been changed.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Children of the Revolution (DCI Banks 21)

Author/ Guide: Peter Robinson  Destination: Yorkshire (fictional Eastvale), Leeds,  Essex Departure Time:  2000s

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