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  • Location: Yorkshire (fictional Eastvale), Leeds

Dry Bones That Dream (DCI Banks 07)

Dry Bones That Dream (DCI Banks 07)

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2000s: This is the  novel ” Final account”retitled

  • ISBN: 978-1509810758
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

It was 2.47 a.m. when Chief Inspector Alan Banks arrived at the barn and saw the body of Keith Rothwell for the first time. Only hours earlier two masked men had walked the mild-mannered accountant out of his farmhouse and clinically blasted him with a shotgun.

Clearly this is a professional hit – but Keith was hardly the sort of person to make deadly enemies. Or was he? For the police investigation soon raises more questions than answers. And who, exactly, is Robert Clavert?

The more Banks scratches the surface, the more he wonders what lies beneath the veneer of the apparently happy Rothwell family. And when his old sparring partner Detective Superintendent Richard Burgess arrives from Scotland Yard, the case take yet another unexpected twist . . .

Travel Guide

DCI Skinner’s Guide to Yorkshire

Eastvale is modelled on North Yorkshire towns such as Ripon and Richmond. These have cobbled market squares, whilst others such as Thirsk have high streets. so Eastvale is rather like the first two. It’s considerably bigger than them both however as the rate at which DCI Banks finds dead bodies, there would be no one left in the town. Eastvale on a map is north of Ripon as DCI Banks often drives to and from Leeds

However, Eastvale does grow like anywhere else and many new areas are introduced as the novels progress

The surrounding countryside and villages are an amalgam of several dales, particularly Wensleydale and Swaledale. The author based Helmthorpe and Gratly on Hawes and Gayle and Lyndgarth on Reeth. Names and indeed locations have been changed.


DCI Banks drives to and from Leeds a lot. In fact it makes him remark in this novel that “All Roads lead to Leeds, I may as well bloody move there” He couldn’t do better than Parks Square where Clegg has his offices. It’s one of the nicest and last remaining Victorian parts of the city.

Streetview Maps

B) Yorkshire - "Eastvale" or Richmond
D) Yorkshire - Leeds - Park Square

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Dry Bones That Dream (DCI Banks 7)

Author/ Guide: Peter Robinson  Destination: Yorkshire (fictional Eastvale), Leeds Departure Time:  2000s

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