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  • Location: Yorkshire, Eastvale (fictional), Leeds

Abattoir Blues (DCI Banks)

Abattoir Blues (DCI Banks)

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2000s: Two missing boys. A stolen bolt gun. One fatal shot.

  • ISBN: 978-1444704983
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

DCI Banks and his team are called to investigate the theft of a tractor from a North Yorkshire village. DCI Banks is not too happy about being called out to as simple rural crime and is in two minds whether he and his team should ever be here.

However, when a blood stain is found in an abandoned hangar, two main suspects vanish without a trace, and events take a darkly sinister turn.

To make matters worse, each seems to add little to the mystery, Banks feels like the case is coming to a dead end. Until a road accident reveals something which throws the investigation to a frightening new level.

Someone is trying to cover their tracks – someone with very deadly intent .

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The Farming World

Yorkshire farming is hard work, a dirty, backbreaking job at the best of times but a stolen tractor and a mysterious bloodstain turns this farm a very dark shade of intrigue and murder instead.

” The ground was sodden and the mud churned to the consistence of porridge. They hung on as the car bounced and squelched down the quarter mile of rough track that led to the farm itself, giving its shock absorbers a workout they probably did’t need.”

“You never knew what you were squelching through when you walked across a farmyard…”

Such two small incidents reveal a dark and hidden agenda of agricultural theft, animal rustling and abattoirs run by the most illegal and inhuman standards.

Animal fans and farming enthusiasts will find a lot of this world unsettling to say the least

DCI Skinner’s Guide to Yorkshire

Eastvale is modelled on North Yorkshire towns such as Ripon and Richmond. These have cobbled market squares, whilst others such as Thirsk have high streets. so Eastvale is rather like the first two. It’s considerably bigger than them both however as the rate at which DCI Banks finds dead bodies, there would be no one left in the town. Eastvale on a map is north of Ripon as DCI Banks often drives to and from Leeds

However, Eastvale does grow like anywhere else and many new areas are introduced as the novels progress

The surrounding countryside and villages are an amalgam of several dales, particularly Wensleydale and Swaledale. The author based Helmthorpe and Gratly on Hawes and Gayle and Lyndgarth on Reeth. Names and indeed locations have been changed.

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Abattoir Blues (DCI Banks 22)

Author/ Guide: Peter Robinson  Destination: Yorkshire (fictional Eastvale), Leeds Departure Time:  2000s

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