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  • Location: Shropshire

All the Little Children

All the Little Children

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: When a family goes down in the woods today, they’re sure of a BIG surprise

  • ISBN: 978-1542045681
  • Genre: Adventure, Fantasy/Sci Fi

What you need to know before your trail

Marlene Greene hopes a camping trip in the forest will provide quality time with her three young children. She suffers from working mother guilt and hope this holiday break will give them the fresh start they need. The break starts well and the rest and relaxation in the wooded wilderness beckon.

That’s until they see fires in the distance, columns of smoke distorting and clouding the air. Overnight, all communication with the outside world is lost.

Knowing something terrible has happened, Marlene suspects that the isolation of the remote campsite is all that’s protecting her family. However, they are not alone in the woods – as the unfolding disaster ravages the land, more youngsters seek refuge under her wing.

When the only place they feel and are safe is threatened, Marlene faces the mother of all dilemmas: Should she save her own kids or try to save them all?

Travel Guide


Not sure where – but that’s the whole point – but camping in these woods is not the place you would want to be.

“Our camp was contained in a corral of trees that gave the reassuring illusion of walls.”
When we’d arrived, I’d told the boys that the camp was remote but its elevation meant we could better defend it in the event of attack..”

The abyss daunted me into silence. Chattering bats skirted out orbit. Sighing wind. Shallow breath in my chest.

They are staying fifteen miles from Church Stretton and 30 miles from Shrewsbury is the nearest to where you should go in search of your own camping apocalypse.

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  All the Little Children

Destination:  Shropshire  Author/Guide: Jo Furniss  Departure Time: 2000s

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