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  • Location: Reykjavík

Absolution (Freyja and Huldar 3)

Absolution  (Freyja and Huldar 3)

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2000s: The third in the Freyja and Huldar series

  • ISBN: 978-1473621602
  • Translator: Victoria Cribb
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

The police find out about the crime the way everyone does: on Snapchat. The video shows the terrified victim begging for forgiveness. When her body is found, it is marked with a number 2…

Detective Huldar joins the investigation, bringing child psychologist Freyja on board to help question the murdered teenager’s friends. Soon, they uncover that Stella was far from the angel people claim – but even so, who could have hated her enough to kill?

Then another teenager goes missing, and more clips are sent. Freyja and Huldar can agree on two things at least: the truth is far from simple. And the killer is not done yet.

Travel Guide

Travel BookTrail Style to Reykjavík

Freyja is director and psychologist at the Children’s House. This is a real life child protection unit in Iceland which has the remit of meeting the needs of young, traumatised and abused children. The main building is located in a residential area and decorated to look as normal and as like a house as possible. The centre facilitates contact between the child and the police .

Detectives Hulder and Rikhardur work from the city’s police HQ and their work with The Children’s House is difficult for obvious reasons. It’s an interesting premise for a crime fiction series and it examines a dark and unsettling part of society. This Children’s House method is apparently being adopted by other countries in real life.

The city and its culture feature throughout the book as a very chilly backdrop. Not many specific locations but a sense of the size, feel and workings of  city and its institutions.

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Destination: Reykjavík Author/guide:Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Departure Time: 2000s

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