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A Gown of Thorns

A Gown of Thorns

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WW2, 2003: The Dordogne region and an old castle have secrets, tucked away amongst its rolling valleys

  • ISBN: B0151PQ7RI
  • Genre: Mystery, novella, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Shauna Vincent, is devastated to find out that the job she set her heart on has gone to someone more ‘socially well- connected’ . She decides to accept an offer to become au pair in the Dordogne region of France (With Isabelle a family friend) and in her spare time wanders and explores the stunning area around her. Her new home is the ancient Chateau de Chemignac surrounded by gardens, vineyards with hidden secrets flowering in every corner.
One day she has a strange dream about a valley of birdsong and a vintage aircraft circling above and knows it’s connected to this place. But how and why?

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Dordogne evoked so vividly and in such exquisite detail that you will smell the flowers, feel the sun on your face and feel the old stone bricks of the castle as you explore with Shauna.
The castle – where else can you live in Dordogne? – this is the place which has witnessed more than most. It has a secret or two in its past and an old fairytale like tower where an old treasure chest is found. And something inside which will take Shauna back to the past.

In the present Shauna spend time with the children, Laurent and Rachel work on the vineyard.And there’s the rose and the thorn right there…
Dordogne itself is a two sided character here – the modern day paradise (2003) and WW2 when

France was still under occupation. The two time periods link and flashbacks make them appear quaint like a black and white photo where the past and present make marks on each other and where the a fresh look can reveal secrets hidden long ago.

Come to the Dordogne for a stroll in the vineyards, learn the art of picking grapes and making wine, see the history of this art form in the heart of a romantic wandering.

Booktrailer Review

Susan h@thebooktrailer

What a wonderful story and novella! This is so packed with story that you can’t believe it’s only a short novel but it just goes to show just what kind of writer Natalie is. I loved The Dress Thief and its Paris WW2 setting, but this modern tale with flashbacks in the past, is I hope a new direction for Natalie. Having said that I need another historical book too!

The setting really draws you in and I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to go to a place and feel its secrets, as if you’ve been there before. Something comes to you in a dream..I loved discovering this place.

Natalie – I await your third novel but I would urge readers to find you with this one. A hidden delight in the Dordogne valley!

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