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  • Location: Queensferry

The Burry Man’s Day (Dandy Gilver 2)

1923: All Aboard for the annual Queensferry Fair!

  • Location: Venice

The City of Falling Angels

1996: The Fenice Theatre burned down in 1996 – this is the story of the tragedy

  • Location: Torquay

Beyond Belief (Emily Castles 4)

2000s: Who would have thought that Torquay could be so deadly?

  • Location: Glasgow

The Reborn (Rhona McLeod 7)

2000s: If you don’t like clowns you may not wish to read this one…or baby dolls for that matter.

  • Location: Berlin

The Artificial Silk Girl

1930s: Before Sex and the City there was Bridget Jones. And before Bridget Jones was The Artificial Silk Girl.

Featured Book

The Darkest Night

2000s:  Some secrets last for generations . . .

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