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  • Location: Paris

Spitting Gold

1866: Baroness Sylvie Devereux fears her shady past as a spirit medium has caught up with her.

  • Location: London

The Theatre of Glass and Shadows

1669: Sometimes the greatest spectacle hides the darkest secrets . . .

  • Location: London, Hampshire, Surrey

The Grand Illusion

1940s: The war is raging but there is a rumour that the Nazis have an interest in the occult

  • Location: London, Hollywood

The Actor

2023: How method should an actor be? What if someone goes too far?

  • Location: London, Devon

The Sleeping Beauties

1940s: A tale of obsession, jealousy and heartache against the backdrop of WW2

Featured Book

The Darkest Night

2000s:  Some secrets last for generations . . .

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