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  • Location: Canary Islands

The Holiday

2000s: It’s amazing who you can might on a plane

  • Location: England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece

The Half Bird

2017: A  woman quits her life in London and sails away…where will she end up?

  • Location: Asturias, Covadonga Lakes, Bricial

El Tercer Lago

2023: Legend has it that ‘Bricial’ only appears to those who are going to experience a change in their life

  • Location: Sweden, Santigo de Compostela, Spain

Alla himlar bär ditt namn

2023: Alla himlar bär ditt namn – All the heavens bear your name

  • Location: Punta de la Escalera, San Vicente de la Barquera

Malas Influencias

2018: A writer finds herself embroiled in the death of a top author’s husband

Featured Book

The Wren in the Holly Library

2000s: A dark, spicy romantasy loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast

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