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  • Location: Asturias, Covadonga Lakes, Bricial

El Tercer Lago

El Tercer Lago

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2023: Legend has it that ‘Bricial’ only appears to those who are going to experience a change in their life

  • Genre: Crime, Inspired by true events, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

Businessman Emilio Noval is stabbed to death in the middle of the night in his home in Cangas de Onís. Fortunately, his daughter, Mónica, a rebellious teenager, was sleeping at her friend Llara’s house so she is safe. Laura’s father, Nelu Prado is a survivalist; someone who trains people how to be self-sufficient in the event of a possible catastrophe.

Police officers Marina Roldán and Salvador Bedia start their investigations only to find that this murder might be linked to another murder at a nearby hotel.

Meanwhile, the legend of Bricial is all around…

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The mystery of the third lake…

This is one heck of a mystery that really exists! There are two glacial lakes which make up the Covadonga lakes where the novel is set: Enol and Ercina. When the thaw occurs, a third lake appears, Bricial, which only has water at that time of year. It appears and then disappears again.

This mystery has been tied to many stories of mysteries and ghosts that continue to haunt and fascinate people.

The novel takes place in Asturias and the region around it. Most of the plot unfolds in Cangas de Onís and Villaviciosa so these are definitely the towns to explore and feel as if you are in the action as the book unfolds.


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Destination: Asturias, Covadonga lakes, Bricial  Author/Guide: Marta Huelves   Departure Time: 2023

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