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Lake Louise, Canada
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  • Location: India, Afghanistan, Pakistan

The Far Pavillions

1870s: M M Kaye takes to an India that you are unlikely to forget. A British man struggles with his identity once he finds out…

  • Location: China, Shanghai

Dreams of Joy

1930s,1950s -1962: A story about relationships within a family, and life in communist China during the ‘Great Leap Forward’. Only an experience that can be…

  • Location: Tianjin

The Russian Concubine (The Girl from Junchow)

1928: A novel which captures the true essence of Pre revolutionary China as well as Russia.

  • Location: China, Xinjiang, Bejing

Rock Paper Tiger

2000s: A thriller as well as a good journey across China and its history

  • Location: China

Not For Parents China

Anytime: The ultimate children’s guide to China

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The Man Who Played with Fire

1986: Stieg Larsson’s investigation of the Swedish PM’s murder

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