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Prague, Czech Republic
Uluru, Australia

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  • Location: America/ USA

Anno’s USA

A pictorial journey across the USA which is a delight!

  • Location: Durham, Northumberland, The Pennines

Settled Blood – Kate Daniels #2

2000s: Kate Daniels is back and a North East Business man’s daughter has gone missing..

  • Location: Turkey (fictional Ruin), Taurus Mountains


A thriller set in the old (fictional) town of Ruin, Turkey with a medieval secret at its core

  • Location: Mauritius

Dodo Destiny

1500s: The dodo  – a symbol of extinction but who really knows the story of how these birds lived?

  • Location: Namibia, Cape Town

The Elephant’s Tale (White Giraffe series)

Timeless: Come on a journey of discovery to Namibia and help save an elephant

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1887: Inspired by the real life Nellie Bly – the world’s first female investigative journalist

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