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Prague, Czech Republic
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  • Location: Paris, Montreal, Quebec

The Bleeding

1899, 1949, 2022: Three women pushed so far beyond breaking point, they have only one way out…

  • Location: Montreal, Toronto

In the City of Pigs

2000s: A failed musician t enters a shadowy world

  • Location: Magdalen Islands, Quebec

Whisper of the Seals

2000s: In the midst of a brutal seal hunt, a killer is at large….

  • Location: Gaspe Peninsula

Swift Fox All Along

What does it mean to be Mi’kmaq? And if Swift Fox can’t find the answer, will she ever feel like part of her family?

  • Location: Ontario, Quebec

Treaty Words

2000s: understanding an Indigenous perspective on treaties

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The Manhattan Girls

1921: A novel of Dorothy Parker’s Circle

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