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  • Location: Amazon jungle, French Guyana, Quebec

Vert comme L’Enfer

Vert comme L’Enfer

Why a Booktrail?

1980s, later: How is a women in the Amazon and another in Quebec linked?

  • Genre: Fiction, Foreign fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Needing to get over a painful betrayal, Alice sets off on an adventure into the heart of the Amazon jungle.

Thirty years later, in Quebec, a woman named Flora tries to discover the truth about her origins. What troubled waters connect the two women?

Travel Guide

French Guyana

The novel is set in both French Guyana and Quebec but the main location is Guyana. If you wanted to escape your life then there is no better place to go and both lose yourself and find yourself.

It’s very interesting to find out about this part of the world and to feel you are actually exploring it with the character there. The views, the river, the sense of isolation  are all there and it’s quite special to experience it all.


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Vert comme L’Enfer

Destination: French Guyana, Amazon,  Quebec  Author/guide: Isabelle Grégoire  Departure Time:1980s

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