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  • Location: Derbyshire, Bampton

The Shrouded Path

1957, 2014: A mystery across the years, missing children never found…

  • Location: Peak District, Derbyshire, Horncastle

A Patient Fury

2000s: A woman leaves a note saying she’ll be back in two minutes….decades later, not a sign. Then a house fire clouds the waters even more..

  • Location: Derbyshire (fictional Bampton), Whitby

A Deadly Thaw

2004, 2016: So many secrets just waiting to be uncovered in Bampton….

  • Location: Derbyshire (fictional Bampton)

In Bitter Chill

1978, 2000s: Two Derbyshire school girls are abducted and only one escapes. More than 30 years later and dark secrets from the past look set…

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Pulpit Rock

2000s: A locked island mystery

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