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  • Location: Peak District, Derbyshire, Horncastle

A Patient Fury

A Patient Fury

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2000s: A woman leaves a note saying she’ll be back in two minutes….decades later, not a sign. Then a house fire clouds the waters even more..

  • ISBN: 978-0571332328
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Detective Constable Connie Childs is dragged from her bed to the fire-wrecked property on Cross Farm Lane. The house is in flames and there’s a whole family trapped inside

Three bodies are recovered but there is something not quite right. Infact something is very wrong indeed. Can a mother really have murdered her son and husband?

DC Childs is determined to find out the truth behind the tragedy, but soon realises that it’s the fourth body – the one they cannot find – that holds the key to the mystery at Cross Farm Lane.

But finding the killer is going to open up a Pandora’s box that once opened, the pieces within can never be put back in place. And those pieces form a very unsettling scene indeed.



Travel Guide

Derbyshire – Peak District – “Bampton”

Sarah Ward takes us there:

A Patient Fury, is set in the baking summer heat and I needed to move away from the descriptions of dark, chilly evenings and rain lashed days of my earlier novels to draw readers into a Peak District heat-wave.

Tourism, however, is economically important to the area and my protagonist, Julia, has two summer jobs. The first is in a fictional cave as a tour guide and the other is her own business which involves taking visitors around haunted sites in my fictional town of Bampton.

Lincolnshire – Horncastle

Lincolnshire is a place I know well as my partner is from there and part of the story is based in the market town of Horncastle. It’s a lovely place, full of antique shops, with a very old fashioned feel to centre. It’s the perfect location for the wool shop that my character Elizabeth Winson owns before she goes missing in 1980 with a note pinned to the door promising that she’ll be ‘back in two minutes’.

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Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I do love fictional Bampton – so have loved Sarah’s other two books but this is by far my favourite. The pacing is top notch, writing crisp and evocative and the plot and denouement almost had me applauding it in the very public space I was in when I turned the last page. This is written as if you really are walking through those Peak District paths – the twists, turns, unexpected finds, the climbing over the style only to fall into an unexpected find…I know saying a book drawing you in can sounds like a cliche but this novel really does. The writing just flows and builds a picture which little by little creates the full OMG Picture. Whilst most of the book is set in Bampton in the present day, there are a few inserts which appears along the way which go back to the story in the past. These come at just the right time and frequency and slowly that seed of doubt in the present day suspect and their motive changes…

Sarah Ward takes us out of Bampton a bit too and there’s Horncastle and Skegness which feature. This gives the impression that Bampton is real and  opens the context of the story up even more. I really can’t praise this novel enough for how all the elements come together in a very unexpected way. Sarah told me that for a strand of the novel, she went on a ghost tour and looked at the Derbyshire caves….it’s all so realistic, you can tell this is an author who goes that extra mile.

My favourite one yet. And that’s saying something as her other two have been fab! But A Patient Fury goes that extra mile for me.

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Destination: Peak District, Derbyshire, Horncastle  Author/Guide: Sarah Ward  Departure Time: 2000s, 1980s

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