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  • Location: London, Yorkshire and California

Palace of Shadows

1848: A penniless artist is commissioned to build a mausoluem for a very strange, dark, gothic house

  • Location: Los Angeles

Sunset Swing

1967: Los Angeles. A city on fire as a killer strikes . . .

  • Location: New York City, Harlem

The Mobster’s Lament

1947: It’s never easy working for the mob in New York City. Not even if you’re one of them.

  • Location: Chicago

Dead Man’s Blues

1920s Chicago: Louis Armstrong and Al Capone in the city of Jazz and murder

  • Location: New Orleans

The Axeman’s Jazz

1919 – Louisiana is known for some fantastic fiction. This new addition to the list deserves to be there  -it was inspired by a true…

Featured Book

The Book of Witching

1594, 2024:  Four hundred years separate them. One book binds them

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