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  • Location: London, Oxfordshire

The Cursed Wife

1590: Curses cannot be silenced

  • Location: Yorkshire Moors

House of Shadows

Destination: Yorkshire Moors   Departure Time: 1700s, 2011 Can the whispers in a House of Shadows across time explain the past and clear up the…

  • Location: York

Time’s Echo

1500s, 2000s: A smile at a stranger in a York market sets in motion a trail of obsession that has deadly consequences.

  • Location: York

The Memory of Midnight

1500s: Elizabethan York and a mystery that extends across the centuries

  • Location: York

The Edge of Dark

1570, 1986, 2000s: A time slip novel which dips into the enthralling world of Elizabethan York

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The Spirit Engineer

1914: Based on a shocking true story…

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