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  • Location: London

The Printer’s Coffin ( Blake and Avery 2)

1841: Mr Jeremiah Blake and Captain William Avery are caught up in the fires of Chartism sweeping the capital city

  • Location: London

The Devil’s Feast (Blake and Avery 3)

1842: An influential man dies at dinner at one of London’s top and most distinguished member’s clubs

  • Location: London

The Infidel Stain (Avery & Blake 2)

1840s: Blake and Avery who we met in The Strangler Vine, are now on the trail of a murderer in 1840s London…amidst politics, printing and…

  • Location: Calcutta, India

The Strangler Vine

1830s: A very intriguing story which showcases the colour, heat, sweat and glory of India in all its forms

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The Shadow Key

1783: There’s something mysterious about the village of Penhelyg. Will unlocking its truth bring light or darkness?

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