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  • Location: Calcutta, India

The Strangler Vine

The Strangler Vine

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1830s: A very intriguing story which showcases the colour, heat, sweat and glory of India in all its forms

  • ISBN: 978-0241966556
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Calcutta, 1837.

William Avery is tasked by his employers – the East India Company – to track down disgraced agent Xavier Mountstuart, lost to the jungle. Forced to take with him dissolute, disillusioned, errant genius ex-officer Jeremiah Blake, Avery is sure their mission is doomed.

Their journey into some of the most dangerous and frightening parts of the country they find themselves on a journey of survival. And then they find out why they are really there. And it might be too late to turn around…..

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This atmospheric and evocative mystery is set in the early days of the Raj.

We are thrown in to the dust ridden streets of Calcutta with tales of William Avery who is disappointed at not being part of the team who went to North Bengal. He is already disappointed by India that he has seen so far  – mainly intrigued and enticed to go by reading books!

The author of his favourite books Xavier Mountstuart wrote such titles as  “The Lion of the Punjab,” and “Foothills of Nepal.” and his latest book is currently the talk of the town since it is blamed for scandalising Calcutta society, and now the writer and former agent has gone missing.

His journey to find him along takes him through the stunning landscape of India from the jungle to the British areas,  and all the varied political landscapes in between.

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