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  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Arisaig, Isle of Skye

The Wild Coast

2023: A lethal killer. As lone visitors disappear from the rural northwest of Scotland, campsites are becoming crime scenes

  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Carrbridge

The Party House

2000s: The Scottish Highlands  is getting a party house…..

  • Location: Orkney

The Killing Tide

2000s:  After a fierce storm hits Scotland, a mysterious cargo ship is discovered in the Orkney Isles.

  • Location: Glasgow

The Innocent Dead

2000s: A child’s remains are found in a peat bog south of Glasgow..

  • Location: Cairngorms, Glasgow, Stavanger

Follow the Dead

2000s: A gruesome link emerges between Cairngorms and Stavanger

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Whoever You Are, Honey

2024: On the Santa Cruz waterfront, every house is as perfect as the people inside, right?

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