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  • Location: Birmingham

The Trick to Time

1970s: An unforgettable tale of grief, longing, and a love that lasts a lifetime.

  • Location: Naples (Maine)

The Thirty Five Timely And Untimely Deaths Of Cumberland County

1930s: In Naples, Maine, during the dying years of the great depression…

  • Location: New Brunswick

My Two Grandmothers

Families come in all shapes and sizes!

  • Location: New Brunswick

Nights Below Station Street

2000s: A powerful tale of resignation and struggle, fierce loyalties and compassion. The first in the Miramichi trilogy.

  • Location: Hull, Zimbabwe

The Lion Tamer Who Lost

Careful what you wish for and who you fall in love with…

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The Lost Daughter

1918, 1970s: A Russian princess. An extraordinary sacrifice. A captivating secret…

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