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  • Location: Edinburgh

The Darker Arts

1883 – 1889: A seance, six dead people. One survivor…

  • Location: Scottish Highlands, Loch Maree/Isle Maree

Loch of the Dead: Frey & McGray 4

1873, 1889: A mysterious Scottish island lures people to it and doesn’t allow them to leave…

  • Location: Edinburgh

A Mask of Shadows

1889. The chilling story behind the Scottish Play….

  • Location: Edinburgh, Lancaster

A Fever of the Blood (Frey & McGray 2)

1889 Only the bravest should venture into Edinburgh and Lancaster when there’s witchery afoot

  • Location: Edinburgh

The Strings of Murder (Frey & McGray 1 )

1888: A story of murder, mystery and an apparently cursed violin….

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