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  • Location: London, Fjallbacka

Welcome to Flanagans

Welcome to Flanagans

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1960s: Welcome to Hotel Flanagans

  • Genre: Sagas, Translated Fictioin

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Anything can happen at Hotel Flanagans in London. It’s the 1960’s place to be for the jet set, aristocrats and businessmen  and if you don’t receive an invitation to one of Linda’s Lansing’s mythical parties – well that’s a disaster! Linda Lansing inherited the hotel many years ago but still doesn’t feel as if she’s been accepted into the world of those who walk through its door. She’s just a simple girl from Fjällbacka, and her cousins ​​think that she should sell the hotel to them and return to Sweden.

But Linda is prepared to fight for Flanagans, but suddenly wonders if it’s worth the sacrifices. Is she really happy there?

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Meet the author on Authors on Location – Asa Hellberg

A fictional hotel in London. This is the first of a series where we follow the trials and tribulations of the hotel, its owners and guests.

Across the 1960s, 1980s and right up to the present day, the hotel comes under scrutiny. All of its owners are linked to Sweden in some way. In Welcome to Flanagans, we’re in the 1960s and Linda from Fjällbacka is the owner. This is a story of upstairs and downstairs. The high class guests are interesting characters with foils, secrets and problems of their own. They expect the best and like to gossip about each other. Think glamour and dazzle.

Downstairs there’s several staff such as kitchen assistants Elinor and Emma. Anything the guests upstairs want, they get, and those below stairs get to know the deepest, darkest secrets about those who they serve and OBserve.


Booktrailer Review

It’s interesting to read about a hotel in London with Swedish owners. There’s some very quirky guests in this hotel!

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Destination: London, Fjallbacka  Author/Guide: Åsa Hellberg  Departure Time: 1959 onwards

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