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The Sun in Her Eyes

The Sun in Her Eyes

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2000s: A journey which takes a woman from London to Australia in search of the truth about what really did happen when she was three and her mother was killed in a car crash

  • ISBN: 978-1471138416
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Amber Church’s life is not going the way she planned. Living in London and in a not so happy marriage, she learns she is going to lose her job in the city. At the same time she finds out that her father who lives back home in Australia has suffered a stroke.

Having suffered such shocks, she immediately flies out to Australia to see her father, but her husband stays behind. Once in Australia, as well as looking after her father, she meets a man from her younger days, a man who she once loved. And memories keep flooding back…

And then Amber receives a letter that changes everything….about a car crash that killed her mother all those years ago.

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From dreary and unhappy London  – what with the bad marriage and the loss of her job in the city, Amber’s return to her home country of Australia is an adventure in more ways than one. Summer in Australia might sound ideal but sunshine and stress do not a good time make. There are numerous hospital appointments with her father, evenings spent with old friends discussing her unhappy marriage back home…

“The early evening sun is still beating down with ferocity from the cloudless blue sky and the smell of eucalyptus trees fills the car through out open window.”

Despite the heartache involved however there are some really nice moments to be had. In the form of a rather nice looking Ethan. Bad boy charm indeed! But as with many bad boys, there are twists and turns. The first person you fall in love with is not always going to be who you remember..

In the car with Ethan….

“The sun is beginning to set when we reach the summit of Mount Lofty in the Adelaide Hills. We get out of the car and walk towards the lookout point.”

Despite the sun and warmth of Australia however, its during the dark moments where Amber really has to deal with. There are difficult decisions to be made – far from where ‘home’ is at the moment but then is home not where  the heart is according to the saying?

Returning home after many years away can leave you with more problems that it solves. You can feel a stranger in your own country and in your own life.

Booktrailer Review


This is not your usual chick lit story which is good – a trip back to your home town in Australia leaving behind a husband and lusting after your first love whilst looking after your  sick father may sound like a recipe for disaster. But then this is Paige Toon and she weaves a story which I didn’t expect at all.

Amber for one is not a nice likeable character. It’s her that is the problem in her marriage and not her husband which is usually the case. Ethan may be gorgeous but he’s hiding something behind those Australian sunglasses.

There is also real raw emotion in many scenes where the father is coping with his stroke and recovery afterwards.The message about the car accident is another thread of the story and really brings home to you just how life can change in an instant. Huge topics dealt with with care and skill.

I really enjoyed Paige’s writing too for it flowed like the lyrics of a summer song and I’m pleased to have travelled to Australia with her and Amber.

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