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Pictures of Lily

Pictures of Lily

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2000s: Moving to the other side of the world is never easy. Especially when you’re sixteen

  • ISBN: 978-1471129599
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Lily is only young when her mum, having met someone on the internet moves to the other side of the world – from England to Australia. Now this is not good news to a young girl who doesn’t want to go so far away from her friends and everything she knows. However it’s not long before she meet a nice guy called Ben who works at the local national park. She gets a job there and they bond, but then Ben moves away. He will always be her first love and she never forgets him.

Years later, Lily is now a grown woman and is in a relationship with another man. About to get engaged no less. But then Ben makes a reappearance into her life. And then  life gets really complicated.

Travel Guide

Moving to Australia

Lily’s life as a 16-year-old is unlike that of her friends. An impressionable age, she is torn from everything she has ever known. The trials and tribulations of a  sixteen year old, and one being wrenched away from her life to the other side of the world. Life for a sixteen year old is not easy. Young love harder still.

The national park (Lily’s is fictional but is based on Cleland National park)

Ben works as the national park and the two bond over koala bears. An orphaned one! So cute! He helps her to settle in to the country, teaches her about how to enjoy life and allows her to fall in love. He’s a large part of her life in Australia so when he leaves, he leaves her bereft in many ways. Another park the author was inspired by is monarto-conservation-park

This novel really explores the range of flora and fauna of Australia as well with trips to the botanicgardens which really gets you wanting to go to the city yourself to explore.

Streetview Maps

A) Cleland National Park
D) North Avenue, Botanic Gardens

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