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The Summer Getaway

The Summer Getaway

Why a Booktrail?

What happens when you meet your holiday fling years later?

  • ISBN: B07C6XDZ2Y
  • Genre: Romance

What you need to know before your trail

When Ashley falls pregnant on a holiday romance, she made a decision to go it alone and raise her daughter herself. Fifteen  years later, she finally has the chance to take Molly on her first ever holiday; a gorgeous, all-expenses-paid trip to the charming French resort of St. Raphael.

It is the perfect setting for a week of quality time together. Just when Ashley thought things couldn’t get any better, comes the news of a handsome new occupant in the villa next door.

But fate has other plans for Ashley. One look into her neighbour’s dark hazel eyes is all it takes to give her the shock of her life. Standing in front of her is Haydon, Molly’s long-lost father and the holiday fling she thought she’d never see again.

As the temperature on the Cote D’Azure steadily rises and Ashley and Haydon begin to spend more and more time together, will Ashley find the courage to tell him who she is – and more importantly, who Molly is?

Travel Guide

St Raphael

A very real and very nice town in the South of France and when you read this book, you will want to go there to taste the food, and smell the gorgeous scents the characters do in the novel. Pity the house they stay at, Vil]la Marguerite is fictional!

A road trip,through France?

Already she could feel the sun on her face, smell the lavender as they drove through a rolling purple landscape, taste the fresh croissants and sea food.

The house of Villa Marguerite

Oh wait till you see the wonderful house they stay at during their holiday.

“If someone had asked Ashley to list the features of what she imagined who be a typical Cote D’Azur farmhouse, Villa Marguerite would have ticked most of them.Wildflower garden – check. Olive trees – check. Voices hugging a gnarled old network of trellises  – check. Extensive wine cellar – check. Sleepy cat on the veranda – check.

The gardens

Built from local stone and rendered n a warm, salmon-pink plaster with chunky terracotta roof tiles, the air of its gardens humming with pollen-laden honeybees and the  chirruping of crickets, the house was instantly welcoming.

Streetview Maps

B) France - Cote d' Azur - St Raphael - Harbour/bay
B) France - Cote d' Azur - St Raphael - Beach

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I’ve not read a book about a single mother in a while and thought this managed to look at the problems a mother on her own might have as well as the dreams and hopes for her child. Said child is now 15 and they’re both off on a holiday. Turns out as they head to their new home, their new neighbour is someone from Ashley and Molly’s past.

It was a summery and will they won’t they kind of read, but I wish I could have read more about what happened afterwards rather than just them finding out about each other. It seemed to take Ashley ages to tell Haydon about Molly but then it’s not going to be something you just bring up in conversation is it.

The setting was gorgeous and I only wish the Villa was real and I’d be there like a shot. Oh and I’ve have a word with Ashely’s mother – be nicer to Ashley! Her dad however seems a lovely man.

A summery read with hope at its heart but I really need to know what happens next!

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Destination : St Raphael, Cote D’Azur  Author/Guide: Tilly Tennant  Departure Time: 2018


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