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The Secrets of Saffron Hall

The Secrets of Saffron Hall

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1538, 2019: Two women. Five centuries apart. One life-changing secret about to be unearthed…

  • ISBN: 978-0008406271
  • Genre: Historical

What you need to know before your trail

New bride Eleanor impresses her husband by growing saffron, a spice more valuable than gold. His reputation in Henry VIII’s court soars – but fame and fortune come at a price, for the king’s favour will not last forever…

When Amber discovers an ancient book in her grandfather’s home at Saffron Hall, the contents reveal a dark secret from the past. As she investigates, so unravels a forgotten tragic story and a truth that lies much closer to home than she could have imagined…

Travel Guide

Travel back in time to Tudor England

A story set in Tudor times which looks not at the fall of Anne Boleyn but the equally fascinating period of the rise and fall of Catherine Howard. Henry VIII is making his presence felt and it’s a hard time to be a woman. He is in the process of dismantling the churches and monasteries and this novel gets into the politics and danger moves of that time at Court. How the mighty fall….

Saffron Hall

Sadly, not a real place but a grand sounding affair which is featured in the present day story. “The hall had been in their family for generations and it was part of her essence, her core.”

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Destination/location: England Author/guide:Clare Marchant Departure Time: 1538, 2019

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