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  • Location: Paris

The Red Notebook

The Red Notebook

Why a Booktrail?

2000s – An homage of sorts to the streets, the people and the essence of Paris. A treasure trail of sorts inspired by a lost handbag…

  • ISBN: 978-1908313867
  • Translator: Jane Aitken
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Bookseller Laurent Letellier comes across a lost handbag on a Parisian street, and so does what he can to return it to its owner. Only problem is that the bag contains nothing really of note bar a small red notebook with handwritten notes jotted down….revealing a picture of someone that he feels compelled to meet.
But how on earth is he going to track down someone who has left no trace of themselves? One woman in a city full of people?

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Even just the mention of a bookshop,  clues found in a lost handbag in Paris conjures up all sorts of classic images from films and a magical searching quality that pervades this short tale.

The moments before the mugging however are still and calm..

The road was lit by street-lamps which gave the buildings an orange glow, but even so she was anxious, as she always was when she retuned late at night
Paris is a city of millions yet Laurent must find the one women who leaves no trace of herself in her bag. Assuming she must have been mugged, which would explain the lack of purse and ID, just how will he find her? And find her he must.
He continued on his way down Rue due Passe-Mussette. L’Espérance

was right at the end.
Laurent passed one of the bins, slowing down – it had taken a little time to register what he had seen – then turned back and retraced his steps

Searching for a mysterious woman using the clues she has left behind, and in Paris….. Ah a lovely French love story. Two people who will come together over a trail for the truth…

Local life in Paris is beautifully evoked as you follow in the footsteps of Laurent as he searches for the mysterious women whose red notebook he has in his hands. Not all places are real but fictional or otherwise, the spirit of Paris is beautifully evoked. Cleverly done with a few random objects which lead you and Laurent round the streets of a capital city but making you feel as though you are the only ones and this city will slowly give up its secrets to you.

There are many literary references too and for an extra treat – where the language will immerse you in a love story with the city and its people even more so – the book in French is entitled  La femme au carnet rouge.

Booktrailer Review


How charming and very French Amelie came to mind when reading it and the poetic language really comes across well in the translation so kudos to Jane Aitken for it really shines.
This could and should be a nice film. Very French and very atmospheric. A nice love story and the search for someone who has affected you even if you haven’t met them. A nice premise for a book and despite its short length, it manages to convey everything it needs to and more.
This is a Paris book – one to linger in,stroll around in, and keep your eyes open for treasures along the way.
I’m still there. Sitting in a cafe, not far from an old bookshop…

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