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  • Location: Norfolk

The House of Fever

The House of Fever

Why a Booktrail?

1935: Hedoné House, a luxurious sanatorium for the creative elite

  • ISBN: 978-0008550738
  • Genre: Historical, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Hedoné House, a luxurious sanatorium for the creative elite dedicated to the groundbreaking treatment of tuberculosis. As the doctor’s new wife, Agnes Templeton has pledged her life to a house of fever.

But Hedoné is no ordinary hospital. High society rubs shoulders with artists, poets and musicians. No expense is spared on the comfort of the guests, and champagne flows freely. It’s a world away from everything Agnes knows.

Her husband’s methods are unusual. There are whisperings about past patients and even a cure. Hedoné’s secrets draw Agnes in, revealing truths she could never anticipate, and soon she is caught between a past she is desperate to escape and a future she may forever regret.



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The novel is lovely based in Norfolk but Hedone House is fictional and the other locations are vague.

What is clear is that Hedone House is in its own part of England near the coast. In the countryside, in a remote and distant part where there are people studying a terrible disease. Where there is an asylum to house those who suffer from it.

Hedone House

“It was a beautiful building, the intricate structure of balconies and verandas strung across it like a necklace. There was a lade at the from, she recalled, mirror-still, the house and the grounds encased in a circle of pine woodland like a glamorous fur stole.”

BookTrail Boarding Pass:  The House of Fever

Destination/Location: Norfolk  Author: Polly Crosby  Departure: 1935

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