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The Ghost Fields (Ruth Galloway 7)

The Ghost Fields (Ruth Galloway 7)

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1940s, 2000s: The Ghost Fields of Norfolk are desolate and bleak yet full of abandoned RAF fields. Which ghosts are really haunting the fields of Norfolk?

  • ISBN: 978-1848663336
  • Genre: Childrens, Mystery, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

The fields of Norfolk are about to unearth something grim from the past. a buried fighter WWII plane is unearthed and within, the skeletal remains of someone who they discover could not possibly be the pilot.

Dr Ruth Galloway is called in to unravel the mystery and as she starts her investigations, it soon becomes clear that the body is that of a local aristocrat Fred Blackstock was a local aristocrat who was reported lost at sea.

Travel Guide

RAF Wendling and Shipdhem

Ruth, a forensic archaeologist, is a great yet unique guide to the Norfolk fields as she sees the damp, the soil conditions, the desolate landscape is a crime scene. The Ghost Fields – even from the cover they’re remote and eerie, the sky dark in some places and glowing in others. They are so called since this part of Norfolk is well known for the many abandoned WWII airfields and so the spirits of the war dead and the whispers of history are mixed up with the cold whistling winds of the flat landscape.

Blickling Hall – the RAF museum

The area of the ghost fields is one where history and geography mix to form as important a character as the police investigators. This land is witness to such history and it’s a special police investigation which looks into bodies from the past with secrets buried with them across the passage of time. The unearthing of the fighter plane is an exciting find but the mystery takes a darker and disturbing tone with the body found which is remarkably well preserved despite a bullet in his head.

The investigation soon focuses  on a local Norfolk family who own lots of land in the area. They are struggling to keep their large house but are reluctant to let go of the faded glamour of their lifestyles and standing in society. There is something very odd about them..

Norfolk – bleak yet beautiful and what an alluring picture Elly paints

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C) Hunstanton - Le Strange Arms
D) Norfolk - Blickling Hall - the RAF museum

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