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  • Location: Shoreham on Sea, Aberdeen

The Postscript Murders

The Postscript Murders

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2000s: The second outing for DS Harbinder Kaur

  • ISBN: 978-1787477636
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

The death of a ninety-year-old woman with a heart condition should absolutely not be suspicious. DS Harbinder Kaur certainly sees nothing to concern her in carer Natalka’s account of Peggy Smith’s death.

But when Natalka reveals that Peggy lied about her heart condition and that she had been sure someone was following her…

And that Peggy Smith had been a ‘murder consultant’ who plotted deaths for authors, and knew more about murder than anyone has any right to…

And when clearing out Peggy’s flat ends in Natalka being held at gunpoint by a masked figure…

Well then DS Harbinder Kaur thinks that maybe there is no such thing as an unsuspicious death after all.

Travel Guide

PostScript Murders in Shoreham by Sea and Aberdeen

The novel starts in Shoreham by Sea and it seems such a nice place – perfect for 90 year old Daisy in the novel. You’d imagine that life would be calm and quiet here. It is for the most part – but there is something not right here in this novel and so Shoreham by Sea is not the place to live in an Elly Griffiths novel.


A nice 5 hour drive up to the Granite City. Plenty of local flavour with the William Wallace statue and the theatre being mentioned. Plus the library gets a starring role – it’s the first place the police go to when they get there. They book into a Travel Lodge…to read all the books they get?

There’s plenty of literary references – there’s a literary festival going on and the Russian Department of the University gets a nod too!

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Destination: Shoreham on Sea, Aberdeen Author/guide: Elly Griffiths Departure Time: 2000s

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