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  • Location: Jura

The Dead of Jura

The Dead of Jura

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2022: Jura: where the rich and the powerful come to play away from the prying eyes of the press.

  • ISBN: B08BY23YYT
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

When there is an assassination attempt on a Cabinet Minister whiles he’s on his island estate, questions must be asked, and Inspector Angus Blue and his team return to the Hebrides to investigate.

Deemed a matter of ‘National Security’ by London, local protocols are overruled, and Special Branch officers are sent to hunt down the assassin. By the time Inspector Blue and his team arrive the estate staff have been scared into silence, and the crime scene has been disturbed.

His investigation hampered at every turn, Inspector Blue must discover what Special Branch are hiding – and who they are protecting.

Travel Guide

Jura and Craighouse

The village of Craighouse is the main settlement on the island of Jura. DI Blue visits the Jura Hotel and the distillery, which are both in Craighouse. Here he visits the village shop.

“The village shop stood by the entrance to the pier. Blue went in. He was surprised how much bigger on the inside it looked, and also at the extensive variety of goods on offer, including fishing and camping materials. A bookshelf was well-stocked with classics in addition to the latest best-sellers, and a thick paperback about Jura. Blue flicked through a copy; it looked fairly comprehensive. He took it to the counter, where a smiling grey-haired lady awaited.”

“Blue left the shop, and walked round to the rear, where a couple of yards of grass separated him from the rocky beach abutting the pier. So the mystery man bought a cup of coffee and might have been waiting for the boat to Tayvallich.”

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Dead of Jura

Destination: Jura  Author/guide: Allan Martin Departure Time: 2022

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