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  • Location: The Lake District

The Cipher Garden (Lake District Mysteries 2)

The Cipher Garden (Lake District Mysteries 2)

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2000s: A hooded visitor brings a deadly surprise to the tranquillity of The Lake District

  • ISBN: 978-0749081355
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Many years ago, a hooded visitor came into the village of Old Sawrey and claimed the life of someone he went to visit. A man called Warren Howe was apparently murdered with his own scythe yet no body was ever caught and convicted of the crime.

In the present day, DCI Hannah Scarlett has just received an anonymous tip off and she is put on the case. Another horrifying death raises the stakes….

Travel Guide

Old Sawrey may not exist but Near Sawrey most definitely does and this is also known as Beatrix Potter country. Hill Top the real home owned by the great lady herself appears in the story. Quite apt really since a gardener is killed and the garden Рthat perfect country cottage garden which HillTop is  a prime example of, is a great location to evoke the nature of the landscape and gardens.

The murder (s) might be horrific and even more so in the beautiful backdrop of the lakes. The Cipher Garden with its clues and historical asides really does build a picture of what could really lie in the soil and hedgerows of the lake district.

There is a sense that this peaceful and idyllic landscape could have macabre overtones and undertones and the very idea of a hooded figure with a synth – the very symbol of death itself – is chilling and foreboding.

A house where a suspected murderer used to live and a community of people wishing to retain the veil of the sense of isolation and tranquility that they and not outsiders really understand.

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