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The Calendar Man

The Calendar Man

Why a Booktrail?

2042:  Petra Piitalaat Jensen was supposed to be retiring from the police in Nuuk…

  • ISBN: 978-8793680159
  • Genre: Crime, Fantasy/Sci Fi, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

Following a period of compassionate leave, Petra Piitalaat Jensen is considering early retirement to work through the grief surrounding the loss of her partner. But when the frozen body of a young man is discovered several days before a referendum that will decide the future of Greenland, Greenland’s First Minister urges Petra to forgo retirement and investigate the case.

As the people of Nuuk lock their doors, and the voting booths are empty, Petra stretches the limited resources of the department and orders more police onto the streets in a desperate hunt for a killer determined to make this Christmas one to remember.

Travel Guide

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The Calendar Man should be read over 24 days. Instead of eating a chocolate each day, read a chapter for a story to build and build until Christmas Eve….In this story, Christmas could be cancelled and the elves have been replaced by police and investigators

The author says:

“Scandinavian Julekalendere (plural) have been a part of the Scandinavian Christmas tradition and culture for decades , and the first Julekalender aired on Danish television in 1962. Greenland also has a tradition for Julekalender, and I saw one of the first Greenlandic – produced Christmas Calanders called Ammartagaq in 2010.

The classic format of the Scandinavian Christmas tells a story over 24 television episodes. The action occurs over the course of each day, and as the month progresses it looks increasingly unlikely that there will be a Christmas this year. This is a common theme in many Christmas stories and films with many variations.

The Calendar Man is my version of a Julekalender set in Greenland in the year 2042. It is not science- fiction and and there is very little technology or technobabble to distract from the story, However some current issues, such as Greenlandic independence, the Chinese interest in Greenland’s minerals and the treat of rising sea levels, do play a part.

Streetview Maps

A) Greenland - Nuuk - police station
C) Greenland - Nuuk - Old Cemetery

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Calendar Man

Destination: Nuuk, Greenland  Author/guide: Christoffer Petersen Departure Time: 2000s

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