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The Cabin

The Cabin

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: A cold case that’s really heated up

  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural, Translated Fictioin

What you need to know before your trail

It’s been fifteen years since Simon Meier walked out of his house, never to be seen again.

And just one day since politician Bernard Clausen was found dead at his cabin on the Norwegian coast.

When Chief Inspector William Wisting is asked to investigate, he soon discovers he may have found the key to solving Meier’s disappearance.

But doing so means he must work with an old adversary to piece together what really happened all those years ago.

It’s a puzzle that leads them into a dark underworld on the trail of Clausen’s interests and vices. A shady place from which they may never emerge – especially when he finds it leads closer to home than he ever could have imagined.

Travel Guide

Booktrail travel from Oslo to Hummerbakken and visit The Cabin

The Cabin of the title is located in Hummerbakken which is closer to Helgeroa than Stavern. This is where the cabin is located where the minister in the novel goes to relax. However things take a more deadly turn…

The cabin is old and has very small rooms. The are several boxes of cash dotted around the house. The landscape around the cabin is remote and peaceful and in a nice area for a holiday. It would be the perfect spot for someone rich to have a cabin….

As the police drive out of Oslo headed to the cabin, the landscape changes:

“The houses grew increasingly few and far between and soon abundant cornfields surrounded him on all sides.”

The Cabin:

“The cabin was in  sheltered position , not directly overlooked by any of the neighbouring residences. Old twisted pine trees cast shadows and a grassy field extended more than fifty metres down to the smooth coastal rocks and a shallow inlet.”

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  The Cabin (Cold Case Quartet 2)

Destination : Larvik, Oslo, Norway Author/Guide: Jørn Lier Horst    Departure Time: 2000s

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