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  • Location: Wisconsin

The Bodies Left Behind

The Bodies Left Behind

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2000s: A dark house late at night….wait what’s that noise?

  • ISBN: 978-0340994030
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A spring night in a small town in Wisconsin. A call to police emergency from a distant lake house is cut off. Why? Has the phonecall been cut off or has someone done it for them? Off-duty deputy Brynn McKenzie leaves her family’s dinner table to find out…

…And stumbles onto the scene of a heinous murder. Stumbles in to a world of pain and danger she never could have imagined. Deprived of her phone, weapon and car, Brynn flees, along with the only survivor of the crime.

Now two lives are on the line and the surrounding forest their only protection

Travel Guide

Kennesha county, Wisconsin

The town of is fictional but set firmly in Kennesha County which is  not a nice rural setting as you might expect from a Jeffery Deaver landscape. However this one has more problems than most:

Even here in Kennesha, a county with the sparse population of 34,021, meth was a terrible scourge. The users, tweakers were ruthless, crazed and absolutely desperate to ge the produce; cookers felt exactly the same about the huge profits they made. More murders were attributed to meth than coke, heroin, pot and alcohol combined.

The remote cabin on the banks of Lake Mondac (fictional)

The lake squatted in the middle of Marquette State Park, also creepy. Nearest town was Clausen six miles from the lake. He didn’t know the town but assumed it was like a thousand others in Wisconsin: A gas station, a grocery store that sold as much beer as milk and a restaurant that was harder to find that the local meth cooker”

Lake Mondac is described as a blue pebble, surrounded by a small amount of private land and engulfed by Marquette Park. Imagine all that land, all those trees, all those hiding places and all those shadows and noises that only seem to haunt the woods at night…

Booktrail Boarding Pass: The Bodies Left Behind

Author/Guide: Jeffery Deaver  Destination: Wisconsin  Departure Time: 2000s

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