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The Affair

The Affair

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2000s: An epic tale of temptation and compulsion all the way from London to South Africa

  • ISBN: 978-1471132025
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Angelica is happily settled with a family in London. But when she meets a charismatic South African at a dinner party, she feels an immediate attraction and what starts as a friendship grows into some more. Neither of them can hold back from the sparks that fly between them.

Angelica has a glamourous life in London and so is used to a pampered life but soon takes to the lush vineyards of South Africa. But a dream can be flawed and Fate has other ideas for her…

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Angelica seems to live a life only seen in movies – married to a Frenchman, a best selling novelist for children’s fantasy stories. She knows the restaurants and bars of the city well and seems to lunch there with her friends in a Sex and the city kind of lifestyle. But the South African Jack is the Mr Big of the piece as he has a thirst for adventure and life and imbues that within her.

The London scenes could represent the small shallow aspect of her life for its only when the South African landscape comes into play that both the affair and the evocative writing really soars. although the beauty of her surroundings are in direct contrast for the lies, the deceit – the reason why she is there…

South Africa

Jack lives on a vineyard in Franschhoek –

“The croaking of frogs and clamour of crickets were carried on a warm breeze and jasmine scented the air beneath the awning.”

Landscapes also help to mirror the emotions of the characters as Angelica herself notices  –

“In London the women wore so much black; in Johannesburg they were like fine , birds of paradise, in turquoises, oranges and reds.”

The change of location, the gap between rich and poor, and the most vivid emotion  – living in the moment – is something that the characters start to share.
Affairs  – no matter the location or the person, is still built on a rocky foundation of lies.

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