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  • Location: Gothenburg, Costa del Sol, Marbella

Sun and Shadow

Sun and Shadow

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: The third outing for Erik Winter

  • ISBN: 978-0099472056
  • Translator: Laurie Thompson
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

A couple are found murdered in their flat in Gothenburg, their bodies symbolically arranged in a mysterious and grotesque fashion. As Winter follows the trail of clues into the cult world of the gothic, he becomes enmeshed in a riddle of nightmares, where he must untangle good from evil and sun from shadow.

Travel Guide

Booktrail your visit to Erik Winter’s Gothenburg (and Costa del Sol)


Erik Winter’s home and stomping ground. Most of his novels are largely based here although some do head out to different parts of the world on his many assignments.

Gothenburg is a fine city for a cop like Winter. It’s the perfect background for Ake as well since he’s worked at Gothenburg University as a professor, as a journalist and as a press officer for the United Nations. Plenty of issues and complex situations to merge into fiction!

Gothenburg was founded as a heavily fortified, primarily Dutch, trading colony, by royal charter in 1621 and is now the largest port in the Nordic countries. There’s also a large student population which feature many times in the novels Gothenburg and the many verdant parks (although not for nice reasons in the books!)

Costa del Sol

There’s a nice little stop over to Marbella where Winter stays in a hotel and visits the bank but there’s still a chance to see the nice scenery, harbour and experience the hot weather there! The road from the airport to the city however is one of the most dangerous in Europe, Erik has been told, so he’s nervous before he gets there!

Booktrail Boarding Pass: Sun and Shadow

Destination: Gothenburg, Costa del Sol, Marbella  Author/Guide:  Ake Edwardson   Departure Time: 2000s

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