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  • Location: Gothenburg

Room number 10 (Erik Winter #7)

Room number 10 (Erik Winter #7)

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2000s: If you like your crime dramas slow, creepy and based in Gothenburg

  • ISBN: 978-1451608533
  • Translator: Rachel Willson-Broyles
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A young woman is found hanged  in room number 10 of a hotel in Gothenburg. Chief Inspector Winter is called to the case. He soon realises that he’s been here before – eighteen years earlier to investigate his first case – the disappearance of another young woman. The case was never solved. Now, finding it strange that he finds himself back in the exact same room,  he has two cases on his mind and he wonders just what he missed the first time round…….

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Gothenburg of course and the inside of a hotel room provide the mystery and setting of this novel as well as the more wider landscape of a gloomy weather and atmosphere, empty rooms, murder in one of them, a decrepit and lonely hotel, strange people and introspective detectives. Ironically the title character even has a cold name – Chief Inspector Winter

A very slow plot, pace and very gradual build up of the tension and murder in Sweden’s second city

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