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Ravenscliffe (Netherwood 2)

Ravenscliffe (Netherwood 2)

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1904: A Russian emigre arrives in Netherwood..

  • ISBN: 978-0751547689
  • Genre: Historical, Sagas

What you need to know before your trail

On Netherwood Common, Russian émigré Anna Rabinovich shows her dear friend Eve Williams a house: a Victorian villa, solidly built from local stone. This is Ravenscliffe, and it’s the house Anna wants them to live in. It’s their house, she says. It was meant to be.

As Anna transforms Ravenscliffe, an attraction grows between her and union man Amos. But when Eve’s long-lost brother Silas turns up in the closely-knit mining community of Netherwood, cracks begin to appear in even the strongest friendships.

Meanwhile, at Netherwood Hall, cherished traditions are being undermined by the whims of the feckless heir to the title, Tobias Hoyland, and his American bride Thea Stirling. Below stairs, the loyal servants strive to preserve the noble family’s dignity and reputation. But both inside the great house and in the world beyond, values and loyalties are rapidly changing.

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Netherwood is fictional but is  a mining town somewhere in Yorkshire. Yorkshire had a huge mining heritage and Selby in particular was a major centre of this. The National Mining Centre in Wakefield in Yorkshire is a must see to find out more about the heritage of this part of the world and how mining affected those upstairs and down.

As for visiting Ravenscliffe or Netherwood – both are fictional but with the number of huge stately homes in the region, then there is more than enough to wander around and imagine you are upstairs!

Newby Hall and Castle Howard are two favourites – Castle Howard is grand and is where Victoria the tv programme was filmed!

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Ravenscliffe

Author/Guide: Jane Sanderson Destination: Yorkshire  Departure Time: 1904

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