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  • Location: North Carolina, Swannanoa, San Diego

Pretending to Dance

Pretending to Dance

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2000s: What would you do, how far would you go for the person you loved the most?

  • ISBN: 978-1447298533
  • Genre: Fiction, Psychological

What you need to know before your trail

Molly and her husband Aidan are about to adopt a baby and are in the early stages of realising their dream. What is already an anxious time is the fact that Molly has more reason than most to be nervous for she hides a secret from her past which could jeopardise everything.

Molly comes from the small town of Morrison Ridge where she lived with her parents. Her father had MS, and Molly was responsible for looking after him. Her past and future could be about to collide.

Travel Guide

North Carolina

North Carolina Mountains

There might not be  a Mountain Ridge in real life but nearby the great Mt Mitchell state park offers more than a few mountain ridges. Mountain Ridge (fictional) is located in Swannanoa, a small town at the base of mountain ranges. This is the town Molly returns to in order to find answers and face up to her past.

The author chose the town as she loved the name and how it sounded! The location and the geography of the town is also a great addition to a novel about small family communities and she did much of her research at the  Swannanoa valley museum

Morrison Ridge

Only eleven people live on Morrison Ridge’s hundred acres these days…

“Nanny thought that anyone born on Morrison Ridge should also die on Morrison Ridge. Morrison Ridge has history – Amalia lives in the old slave quarters at the very peak of Morrison Ridge, The slave quarters had been expanded and modernised…..but there were those at Morrison Ridge who believed the salve quarters was a fitting place for her to live

The great Mt Mitchell state park offers more than a few mountain ridges

CA  – San Diego

San Diego Oldtown

Two characters meet at a restaurant down town. For the real old town, visit the tour centre! This is a very historical town which for the novel is more than apt! The Wells Fargo story originated here and the museum is something not to be missed.


Streetview Maps

A) CA - San Diego avenue
D) NC - Swannanoa - Valley Museum

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Author/Guide: Diane Chamberlain ( Destination: North Carolina, San Diego

Departure Time: 2000s

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