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2000s: Professor Matt Hunter has a problem….

  • Genre: Crime, Horror

What you need to know before your trail

When a blood-soaked man is discovered with the word Baal-Berith scored into his flesh, the bewildered police call on expert Professor Matt Hunter to assist. Before long, a gruesome discovery is made and Hunter is drawn into a frenzied murder investigation.

With a fury of media interest in the case, and the emerging link to a documentary on demonic possession, Hunter is unable to escape a dark world of exorcism and violence … even when events spiral frighteningly out of control.

Travel Guide

Travel around Trevenhoe and Dunstable with Peter Laws

Actually you may not want to visit many places Peter Laws puts in his novels as there’s often elements of gore or horror attached. This novel is perhaps one of the creepiest and goriest so far and should not be read at night.

The villages and towns in and around Bedfordshire appear fleetingly in the novel but are there as a country, rural backdrop to the otherworldly fears that float between churches, graveyards and the fields in and around Trevenhoe and Dunstable

The countryside is not as calm and peaceful as you might think.

A few places which inspired the author ( and is far removed from the:

“The intense finale of the book take place at a fictional retreat centre called The Reed in Cambridgeshire (so named to reference the retreat centre in David Cronenberg’s film The Brood, which featured Oliver Reed as a controversial psychotherapist). While The Reed is fictional, the building itself is not. Matt comments that it is a recreation of the Giesel Library at the University of California, San Diego – a building I first discovered during the writing of this book, and fell in love with it’s brutalist architecture. Quite by chance, I first saw the Geisel when I flipped my office calendar, which showcases Brutalist architecture from around the world. I saw it while writing the finale to the book and knew that Matt had to face a nightmare in that particularly building”

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BookTrail Boarding Pass: Possessed

Destination/location: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire  Author/guide: Peter Laws Departure Time: 2000s

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