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Our Summer Together

Our Summer Together

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2000s Second chances can come in the most unexpected of ways…

  • ISBN: 978-1409159926
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

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Caro knows how to be a mother – advising her grown-up daughters on career and relationship worries. She knows how to be a grandmother – enjoying the hectic energy of her three-year-old grandson. She knows how to be a daughter – helping her aging mother retain her independence.

She thought she knew everything about being a wife, but when her husband suddenly leaves her for another woman, everything is thrown in the air. So, when a chance meeting introduces her to Damir – younger, intriguing and attentive – she realises that opening up to a man so different from everyone else in her life, might also mean getting to know who she really is…

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Where is home?

A woman has a broken marriage in Guildford and as a grandmother never feels that she might move away and start again. Her life is the same all the time and routine seems to be all she knows until the rug is snatched out from her. Meeting someone on a train however changes her life on the world. Damir is from Bosnia and has come to the UK via many places to find work and start a new life.

Locations aren’t strong in this story but they do provide the backbone of the sense of belonging, where do we call home? is home where the heart it and can two people from two separate cultures and countries really understand one another? Damir has probably been through the most major and important journey of his life and his compared to Caro, the two trains mix on one track and proves to be that the journey is a much more different story to the destination.

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I do like the stories Fanny writes. This is no exception – she writes about love later in life, with all the mess that life has stored up by that point and the obstacles that are sent to try us. The story starts off quite simple and then opens up a world of surprises – we find out about Damir the same time as Caro and given her background, feel her pain confusion and fear. But she grabs life by the throat and allows herself to go where perhaps female readers might not dare – but this novel should served as a message of hope and how to conquer that fear! As the story gets more complex, you really feel for the characters and what they are going through – I enjoyed the dual journey timeline of the story – both Caro and Damir on their own journeys and where the final destination might take them. A comforting and very interesting read!

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Author/Guide: Fanny Blake  Destination:   Guildford, Bosnia, Germany  Departure Time: 2000s

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