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One Step Too Far

One Step Too Far

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2010: Why would a mother just walk out from her family in Manchester and move to London?

  • ISBN: 978-1405917933
  • Genre: Psychological, Thriller

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Emily Colman seems to have it all; a happy marriage,  beautiful son and a lovely home.

But behind the charming and peaceful facade, something is wrong, very wrong indeed. Bad enough that she gets up one morning and walks right out of her life? A date is looming – one that will force her to confront her past. As Emily has a secret and it’s eating her from the inside.

Why would you move so far away from a husband and son you obviously love? What happened back there and dare she look?

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Where life seems perfect with Emily living with her husband and son before she gets up and moves to London. During flashbacks, her life in Manchester comes to life and builds up to reveal more about why Emily (or Cat as she becomes known) would move so suddenly. This is Emily’s old life, her childhood and past all revealing a trail of clues as to why her present and future may be the way they are today. An identical twin, Emily’s sister and family are rather dysfunctional and Caroline is one crisis after another. But for all this, is her former life really that bad as to just leave in a breath?


Emily takes a train to London and goes in search of  a new start, anonymity and a new everything. This is the ultimate escape and getting yourself lost in a new life. With her name now Cat, she finds some rather seedy digs in the capital and a job. She comes across Angel, herself a damaged soul who takes her under her wing and they both become fast friends. They do say that misery loves company and the damage these two share are the catalyst for a downward spiral in many ways.

London life is harsh and cold. Is this better than Manchester? It’s a gamble losing yourself in the capital as it can eat you up and spit you out.

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