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The Honeymoon

The Honeymoon

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2000s: When paradise turns ugly…

  • ISBN: 978-1405917971
  • Genre: Psychological, Suspense, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Jemma has been planning the perfect honeymoon for as long as she can remember. Now, finally she is on a. A fortnight’s retreat to a five-star resort in the Maldives, complete with luxury villas, personal butlers and absolute privacy sounds and looks like paradise

But when Jemma’s husband of one week goes missing seemingly having disappeared from the island without a trace, paradise turns into a nightmare.

After everything they’ve been through together, how can this be happening? Is there anyone on the island who Jemma can trust? And above all – where has her husband gone?

Travel Guide

The Maldives

Oh the Maldives sounds idyllic and ideal for a honeymoon – the blue, crystal clear waters, the long sandy beaches and the never ending horizon….spending time on this island seems like everything it’s meant to be and more. The perfect place for a honeymoon – well for most – Jemma and her husband barely arrive on the island when disaster strikes. But the appeal of the place, the butler service, not having to lift a finger did seem appealing. If you love someone that is and have a good relationship. If you have recently argued or have problems in that relationship, the isolation of an island can only make the silences between a couple longer and more pronounced…

The Maldives – the villas, the food, the sounds of the sea washing up on the beaches – it does sound nice but as Jemma searches for her husband, speaks to the police, there is a chill which descends on the island, and the cloud of suspicion is thick and black. What would you do left all alone in a place only accessible by boat, with strangers, a paradise resort full of married couples…all with secrets in their past… No one knows you  – the staff are there to serve you but who is really your friend? Who is really looking after you?

As the suspicion lingers and builds, take time to immerse yourself in the isolation of the island , with its fluttering palm trees, cool waters and dip your toes in the water before the ending jumps out and bites you


Booktrailer Review

Susan @thebooktrailer

I remember calling Tina Seskis an evil genius in a tweet as soon as I’d read this book. I did not expect that ending and it was  a gripping gruesome one but having stayed up till the early hours to finish this book, I was not disappointed! Far from it, it was a brilliantly claustrophobic and chilling read. That Jemma! ooh she was a one and I had my doubts about everyone I met on that island. The fact it was a kind of ‘locked door’ mysteries on a paradise island worked really well and it was definitely up there with the best of the thrillers I’ve read.

The story of the present day was mixed with the story of the past -that of how Jemma and her husband got together – there’s some secrets in that background which when the book flips to the present day adds to the building tension. What would you do miles from anywhere if your husband goes missing? The secrets and lies just piled up building mountains of lies in the sand – oh and when that sandcastle was kicked at the end…that’s where the Evil Genius name came to me. Taunt and fresh and very unique…all of the elements of premise, location and backstory worked extremely well and this is definately a thriller to watch out for!

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Author/Guide: Tina Seskis  Destination: The Maldives  Departure Time: 2000s

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