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  • Location: Paris ( Ile Saint-Louis)

Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis (Aimee Leduc Investigation 7)

Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis  (Aimee Leduc Investigation 7)

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1990s: The seventh in the  Aimee Leduc series set on Ile Saint Louis, Paris

  • ISBN: 978-1569474754
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Historical, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Parisian P.I. Aimée Leduc finds herself caring for an abandoned infant while trying to track down the child’s missing mother. Facing a tight deadline on a computer security contract, Aimée responds to a telephone call from a stranger that leads her to an abandoned infant in a courtyard on the Ile Saint-Louis. She brings the baby home with her, calls her Stella, and awaits contact from the mother. But days pass, and no one reclaims the infant.

Travel Guide

Travel to the Ile Saint Louis in Paris with Aimee Leduc

The Île Saint-Louis is one of two natural islands in the Seine river, in Paris.

It is connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges to both banks of the river and to the Île de la Cité by the Pont Saint-Louis. IT might be at the centre of a mystery in this novel but it was formerly used for the grazing of market cattle and stocking wood in the ‘olden days’.

One of France’s first examples of urban planning, it was mapped and built from end to end during the 17th-century reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII. Given the themes of public town planning in the book, it’s interesting to note that Christophe Marie, general builder for Public Works was in charge of creating this island.

The island project, an architectural revolution, as it was the first time that such an urban plan had been used in Paris. Over 200 years later, urban planning was implemented citywide.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Murder in the Marais (Aimee Leduc Investigation 7)

Destination: Paris (Ile St Louis)  Author/guide: Cara Black  Departure Time: 1990s

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