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Murder in Pigalle (Aimee Leduc Investigation 14)

Murder in Pigalle (Aimee Leduc Investigation 14)

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1990s: A serial rapist starts terrorising Paris’s Pigalle neighbourhood.

  • ISBN: 978-1616954888
  • Genre: Cosy crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Private Investigator Aime Leduc has been trying to slow down her hectic lifestyle, take on only computer security assignments and maybe try to learn how to cook (quelle catastrophe!). She’s vowed not to let herself get involved in any more dangerous shenanigans – she’s pregnant and has the baby’s well-being to think about now. All of her best intentions to live the quiet life fall away when a serial rapist starts terrorising Paris’s Pigalle neighbourhood. In the frantic race against time that ensues, Aime discovers a terrifying secret neighbourhood history.

Travel Guide

Travel to the Pigalle district in Paris with Aimee Leduc

Pigalle is famous for its neon-lit red light district and eclectic nightlife. It is well known to tourists who want to experience “Paris by night”.

This is where the 19th-century cabaret Moulin Rouge is located as well as more modern and glam cocktail bars. The area south of here is known as Nouvelle Athènes (New Athens). It is actually named after the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle ( who lived from 1714–1785).

This book looks at the dark side of the city and of Pigalle itself – characters are prostitutes and criminals who populate the seamier parts of the City of Light. This is not the tourist side of Paris, but the one where immigrants  and hustlers tend to mingle and the odd tourist who has wandered into this area. The cast here is not just those of the theatre, but the shopkeepers, the guys who live in  the shadows and worse.


BookTrail Boarding Pass: Murder in Pigalle (Aimee Leduc Investigation 14)

Destination: Paris (Pigalle)   Author/guide: Cara Black   Departure Time: 1990s

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