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What happens when your number one fan doesn’t want to let you go?

  • ISBN: 978-1444720716
  • Genre: Horror, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

You’re a famous writer but have decided to move onto other writing and so have killed off your main character. Your new manuscript is done and you’re driving home through the mountains and the snow when your car crashes. You’re finally rescued and you wake up in a house, you don’t know where you are and who has taken you in. Silence reigns. You realise you can’t move your legs. The pain is unbearable. But then your bedroom door opens. A woman stands there. She’s your number one fan. But she doesn’t like what you’ve done in your latest book. And until you put things right, you’re never leaving. And probably not even then.

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Somewhere in Colorado, in a small, cold, snowy and isolated town called Sidewater, there is a single, remote house. And a writer who has the double misfortune of crashing his car here, only to be taken in and taken hostage when he is at his weakest. Sidewater is of course fictional but the Rockies aren’t so these are on the map. Maine is too since the author himself lives there still and where he often spotted around town. Another side to King’s America!

Imagine being in such a small and remote place, where the houses are so far apart, you don’t know where the next one is, where a drive to the store almost means a day out, this is not the place to be stranded. Especially when the woman who takes you in doesn’t take you to hospital byt to her house. Where she keeps you alive, but only just. Where you are trapped in bed, you can’t walk and can barely move and depend on her for care and attention to your wrecked body. You and your body are at her mercy. Even in a wheelchair, she knows where you’ve been and threatens to never let  you go. She doesn’t like your latest book and wants to keep you there until you change it. And she’d better like it. Otherwise this is going to be the review of all reviews. And your last.


Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Misery

Author/Guide: Stephen King  Destination: Colorado (fictional Sidewater)

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